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Indie pop, downtempo, contemporary r&b

" Blurred lines between indie pop, modern r&b and eerie electro. "

For a band that laconically can be described as “minimal”, the Sworr packs a huge amount of emotion into their stripped-down music. The Patra-based trio blur the line between indie pop, contemporary R&B and eerie electro in nuanced songs that are as sleek as they are strangely inviting. And that’s the ideal stark backdrop for the way Thanasis Q’s guitar and John Tsalla’s keyboards and beats build thick tension over Robin K’s nebulous vocals.

The Sworr was founded in the city of Patras, Greece in 2014 and has been a sensation before they even released an album. Their intimate minimalism won them the Jumping Fish (music platform by Cosmote Mobile) Award in 2015 and on March 2nd, 2018, their self-titled debut album, was released on Fair Weather Friends Recordings, an independent label in Thessaloniki.

Their album seems organized for a maximum less-is-more impact and all three of them can be credited for that. The way vocals are strung between hope and hurt — very similar to Chet Faker’s style — feels especially intense, as if the singer is a character in a modern noir romance. The dubby bass lines, the reverb-heavy guitars and the clever beats add even more depth, allowing each element room to move back and forth, resulting in a sound that is no less than addictive.