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Vendredi Sur Mer

Electro, Pop / Suisse (Geneva)
Vendredi Sur Mer



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dreamy synth pop

" Electro-pop melting in an oneiric ether "

Dreamy synth-pop. That pretty much sums up Vendredi Sur Mer’s sound. Inspired by the Gainsbourg murky pop heritage and the 80s French synthpop/coldwave golden age, Charline Mignot travels the listener into a deep, sensual and oneiric dream. Her music is absolutely cinematic, and thus dares to free itself from any obvious classification: programming and chanson française, icy cynths and discoballs, all have their say here and nothing is expendable.

In 2017, Vendredi Sur Mer released her first six-track EP, Marée Basse, an electric blend of emotional depth and lurid pop-rap, with the talented Lewis OfMan providing the production, like he does in her first official album, Premiers Émois, which was released in March 2019. From the beginning of the eponymous track she confides, “J’aimerais que le temps s’arrête / Pour qu’il reste avec moi” (“I wish that the time stops / So that it stays with me”) — perhaps a testament to her early interest in photography and the way it is reflected in her musical expression. The album is infused with fizzy synthpop, rolling basslines and glamorous nu-disco (“Chewing-Gum”) with her disembodied, whispering voice cultivating a Mylène Farmer-like air of mystery and confidence. Vendredi Sur Mer literally means Friday at Sea; both her music and the essence of her moniker are immensely captivating.