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One-man boogie band

" The free Cow-spirit of a Reborn Robert Johnson. "

The Internet is still an inexhaustible source of surprises that can pull artists such as Vurro out of its hat. Nobody knows who is behind the cow skull but there’s a crazy legend behind this one-man band. At the end of 2016, a human finds a cow skull on the mountain, then he completes the last step of his transformation and solves his problems to the sound of the drum cymbals. Two weeks later, he recorded “Vurro’s Boogie” and his video becomes viral and gets 12 million views in one day. That’s what the promotional sheet tells you, but with Vurro you never know where reality ends and fantasy begins. Like the old bluesman, or like Bob Dylan, you never know when he lies or when he tells the truth and that is part of the charm. But it would be a mistake to describe Vurro as a simple marketing action, like a YouTube sensation, Vurro is in fact a virtuoso musician, a dizzying keyboard player and a powerful drummer.

His music combines great classic rock and roll and wonderful songs of his own. All in an atmosphere full of mystery, as if it were a 2.0 version of the legend Robert Johnson. Living like a steamroller, only in 2017, the musician toured 13 countries as different as Canada, Sweden, Vietnam or Brazil.
Vurro is currently recording his long-awaited first record under the most absolute anonymity. A record that nobody knows about, including his manager. The mystery will be solved shortly: 2018, the year of Vurro.