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Yung Lean, Future


Post-swag rap

" Key producer of Viennese cloud rap/post-swag, buzzing big in Europe with his golden voice and lit beats. "


Maybe it’s because it simply fit the image of Vienna being a laid-back, high-standard-of-living, nothing-to-do metropolis that cloud rap became such a big phenomenon all over the region in 2015.

Artists like LGoony, Yung Hurn, Crack Ignaz and Hustensaft Jüngling drew zealous crowds to their concerts to sip lean, wear bandanas and enjoy stupidly hilarious lyrics over dense beats – and even more clicked their Soundclouds and videos.

Wandl is one of the key producers of that sound. He works, tours and showers in money with almost all of those artists. Not only that, he also possesses a keen understanding of the more harmoniously adventurous and jazzy sounds of Vienna from the likes of Dorian Concept, Cid Rim or Kruder Dorfmeister (listen to his Gucci Mane remix!). Likewise, in his videos, the rich, sometimes morbid history of Austria often serves as the beautiful backdrop for his very contemporary, almost psychedelic beats (‘James Dean’ or ‘Ikarus).

He knows how to entertain and tease a crowd with vinyl, but also plays live with keyboards and other gear, sometimes even showing off his mellifluous voice.