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Downtempo / Belgique (Flanders (region))



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Depeche Mode, Balthazar


Passionate experimental jazz

" Literary expert, Maarten Devoldere emits intensity in Warhaus "

Developed as a solo side project alongside his work with Balthazar, Maarten Devoldere’s Warhaus took on a life of its own. Allowing Devoldere to explore his alter-ego, which is self described as “a dandyish character”. His 2017 release, Warhaus was created during a hiatus with Balthazar. While Devoldere’s participation with Balthazar remains essential, Warhaus leaves space for intimate discovery. Both 2017’s self-titled Warhaus and 2016’s debut, We Fucked a Flame into Being, showcase his brooding vocals, supported by jazz-inspired instrumentals.

With two full-length EPs for Warhaus, Devoldere’s songwriting ability is sharp, well-defined, and focused. Inspired from literary works, the namesake for We Fucked a Flame into Being comes from D.H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” Similarly, the Warhaus EP is a general nod to “Lolita.” There’s certainly a poetic energy which carries through both albums and how Devoldere presents himself. Incorporating ballads and dark undertones, there’s a sultry mood in his lyrics. As a co-collaborator and lover of Devoldere, Sylvie Kreusch provided an intense emotional spirit to some of Warhaus’ tracks — particularly “No Such High”, off the Warhaus EP.

Regarding musical inspirations, voodoo elements from Dr. John’s 1968 debut Gris-Gris are found throughout the Warhaus EP. Comparable to a modern Leonard Cohen, this album is a true work of rock and roll. It goes without saying Devoldere’s musical involvements and passion makes Warhaus a staple in the Belgian music scene. Its definitive nature makes Devoldere’s exploratory works an inspiration for those rising up in Belgium’s tight-knit rock community.