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Dark Techno

" Thrilling techno that will not let you stop dancing. "

The Polish techno scene has been growing strongly for at least a decade. This is evident not only by the increasing number of artists in this genre, but also by the audience that is coming to them. Similar to what is happening with clubs or festivals. In every large Polish city, you can easily find a place where every weekend great DJs and producers connected to the techno scene play. The biggest Polish festivals also try to ensure that they have huge names in their line-up. Excellent examples are Audioriver, Tauron Nowa Muzyka or Unsound, that always have a solid portion of techno. And if we are talking about techno in Poland, Polish techno is a woman, because this woman is today the best known Polish artist in this trend. Let me introduce Natalia Zamilska, the first lady of Polish techno.

Since its debut, Zamilska has aroused great interest not only in Poland. Her unique style, which mixes clubby dirt, mesmerizing sequencing and often aggressive bass, has found recognition among listeners as well as in the opinion of foreign critics and festival organizers. The performances at the biggest Polish festivals such as Open’er, Tauron Nowa Muzyka and Unsound is only a part of the musical CV of Zamilska. Also, the presence of Zamilska at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, ​​one of the most important events in Europe, is noteworthy.

As she emphasizes, she is not just a DJ, she is primarily a producer and composer. The experience and skills gained from teenage years has translated into a broad spectrum of musical inspirations that can be found in her work. Apart from techno, noise, industrial and ethnic music are also mixed in the style of Zamilska. What characterizes the Polish artist is a huge awareness that goes beyond the musical layer. As a culture animator, Zamilska cares about every aspect of her image, including the non-musical, such as the visual setting of her performances or CD covers. The 29-year-old producer has two well-received albums – her debut album Untune from 2014 and Undone from 2016. Apart from her own productions, Zamilska is often engaged in making remixes. The artist does not rule out cooperation with vocalists on her upcoming recordings.

One of the most important moments in Zamilska’s career was the use of the song “Duel 35” in the movie summarizing the Espirit Dior show in 2014 in Tokyo. The movie aroused emotions precisely because of the excellent soundtrack that Zamilska was responsible for. Her raw, pulsing techno perfectly harmonized with the dynamic, remarkable show of the Dior collection. It turns out that techno music, like fashion, can fit into the most sophisticated and elegant circumstances.