ADNA's new single will haunt you

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ADNA's new single will haunt you

No wonder the Swedish-born and Berlin-based ADNA is one of our most cherished European songwriters of the time: dive into her new single, ‘Thoughts’, lose a bit of your mind in these poisonous charms, get mesmerized by the dark arabesques of its fragile melodies or the strength of her haunting voice and you should, like us, like everyone in the next few months, fall in love with the young woman’s magic writing.

“I wrote this when I was 16 as some kind of declaration of love to the place where I have my roots” she wrote about the song. “Despite all the sorrow and the melancholy, it’s the most beautiful place I know. I wanted to update and release this song, because it feels important to also see and think of the beauty in the things that otherwise are connected to sorrow”

Her new and third album, Closure, should be out in March: expectations are high.

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