Europavox Stage @EYE2021: Aftermovie

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Europavox Stage @EYE2021: Aftermovie

The Europavox stage @EYE2021 was set up in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, for the first live concert ever performed in the Protocol Entrance, at this amazing event where more than 10.000 young people gathered from all over Europe at the beginning of October.

12 European artists inspired us with music and interviews showing a great diversity of commitments, towards both gender equality and the fight against climate change.

Thank you to all the artists participating!

Lydmor 🇩🇰 • AURORA 🇳🇴 • Evgenya Redko 🇱🇹 • Terrenoire 🇫🇷 • Batida apresenta IKOQWE 🇵🇹🇦🇴 • JoyCut 🇮🇹 • LABOTANIQUE 🇫🇷 • Afrodelic 🇱🇹 • Lor 🇵🇱 • Claire Laffut 🇧🇪 • Plàsi 🇸🇪 🇬🇷 • Juicy 🇧🇪

Relive the whole Europavox Stage @EYE2021 experience!

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