Thom Artway - Caroline

Thom Artway’s lyrical ballad Caroline is released at an unconventional time. On the last weekend of August, the singer Thom Artway got married and decided to release a song he wrote for his newlywed Karolina. The production and recording was done by the experienced producer Dušan Neuwerth.

The song ‘Caroline’ was created more than a year ago, and Thom Artway admits that the first person who heard it was his then future wife. “I proposed to her with the song Caroline. So releasing it the day after the wedding was a logical step. It is not so much about announcing this event, but rather about the joy and gratitude of crossing our paths.” Luke Tomski, who did the artwork for the cover of Thom Artway’s first album Hedgehog, has also provided the cover for this fragile ballad. Luke Tomski is also the director of the lyric video for this song.