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22 September 2017
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Based in
Italy, Leece
Andrea Mangia grew up in Salento, southern Puglia, ground of sun and fun. With the nickname Populous he released his first record in 2002, Quipo, thanks to the Berliner label, Morr Music, which also published the following Queue For Love and Drawn In Basic. In these records, you’ll find the ideal synthesis of indietronica, ambient, folk, (dream) pop, post-hip ...
Based in
Greece, Anhens
Theodore will probably get unfairly lumped into the singer-songwriter category along his career trajectory. A multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for the epic. Like if Leonard Cohen sang for Sigur Ros. Softly composed songs on the edge of beautiful, with blistering electronics, and shoegazey guitars, Theodore has a multitude of methods in which he can deliver the bombastic....
Based in
United Kingdom, London
Pixx is 21 year-old Hannah Rodgers, a pseudo-electronic pop act, embellished in the decorum of folk-pop, told wistfully with a mature-naivity, and solumn, yet charmed perspective on the world. On what more can you expect with a debut LP entitled The Age of Anxiety....
Samuel O’Kane
Based in
Spain, Tarragona

A Spanish R&B artist with international appeal, Samuel O'Kane was born in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Tarragona. Since his birth, his musical education was based in black music and influenced by new trends, assimilating various genres and shaping a new style. With independent thought and devoted artistic ambition, he decided to provide new impetus to the national scene, showing it the dark, explicit and erotic side of the genre.

Nusky & Vaati
Based in
France, Montrouge

Don’t be fooled by their teenage faces – these two know exactly what they’re doing. Or at least, they experiment and do it pretty well. With daring and aplomb, Nusky & Vaati are pushing the boundaries of French rap.

They met in 2014, after Nusky had listened and loved one of Vaati’s productions and contacted him over Facebook. Two mixtapes soon followed, with each one of them playing his part. Nusky, the rapper, crafts the lyrics, while Vaati, the producer, creates the beats. Traditional rapper clichés don’t suit Nusky, as evident from the videos, devoid of fancy cars, muscles, bling and submissive girls with ...

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