Beissoul & Einius - Strange Love

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Beissoul & Einius - Strange Love

Spinning as a separate blazing planet in the world of music for almost ten years now, the electronic music duo Beissoul&Einius has presented its fans one more gift – ‘Strange Love’. The video clip created by an international team is an unforgettable piece of art that saw the daylight only thanks to the fans. Mythological atmosphere, royal gold, battle scenes, and even religious motives take us to the world of the band, where the courage to be as you are and to experience the secret of re-inventing yourself reign.

„This video clip tells us about the ritual during which the death is inevitably substituted by the revival. It is an unstoppable flow and everyone will have to feel it“, – says Beissoul and also adds that this cycle constantly happens within him. „It’s a constant, worrying death peril. This is exactly when you feel that you live.“

Directed by Yura Katynsky