Deezer Explores Shift To User-Centric Licensing

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Deezer Explores Shift To User-Centric Licensing

In news reported by Hypebot’s, Mark Mulligan, music streaming service Deezer is set to exploring a radical shift that is expected to help distribute revenue more evenly.

The move is hoped to ease the relationship between artists and the French-founded streaming platform, as Deezer addresses the issue of royalties and licensing which has plagued the industry in recent months.

Mulligan elaborated on the possible reasons for the change, citing “endless complaints from worried and angry artists and songwriters.” which he says was “largely due to a) a combination of artist outreach efforts from the services, b) so many artists now seeing meaningful streaming income and c) a general increased confidence in the model.”

Currently, streaming service licenses across the board are operated on a basis that a percentage of any artist’s stream goes towards the overall top of airplay charts despite not engaging with that artists’ music.

As Mulligan explains; “The alternative is user-centric licensing, where royalties are paid out as a percentage of the subscription fee of the listener. So if a subscriber listens 100% to Metallica, Metallica gets 100% of the royalty revenue generated by that subscriber.”