Embark for a unique Europavox journey live and digitally!

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Embark for a unique Europavox journey live and digitally!

There are no problems, only solutions

With only a slight delay of a year, Europavox festival which first kicked off in 2006 will finally be able to open its doors for the 15th edition early this summer. And these aren’t just any old doors, these are the doors to the Marcel-Michelin stadium – which played memorable host back in 2017. Due to European travel restrictions, the Auvergne capital’s emblematic stadium has been transformed into the adopted home welcoming an exclusively French line-up. Guided by our usual philosophy, it nonetheless makes for a programme like no other! This year, eclecticism rules (expect a jumble of folk, hip-hop, electro, rock and all other unclassifiable genres) and open your mind (perfectly summed up with Mustang and IAM sharing the same bill). And in keeping with tradition, new discoveries may outshine well-known names during this three-evening event where only curiosity is key. However, the event won’t only take place under Clermont-Ferrand skies…

Every cloud has a silver lining, or so the saying goes. Designed to overcome the frustration of last year’s heart-breaking cancellation, Europavox On Air has once again established itself as an event in its own right. It’s the perfect digital counterpart to the in-the-flesh event. This means that tens of thousands of people across the four corners of Europe (and even further afield) will have the chance to experience the event, filmed here and there in some wonderful, yet unexpected locations. After last year’s first attempt, the event was a coup de maître, earning its stripes and becoming a mainstay. From 21st to 27th June, expect a line-up that respects tradition by drawing on national and local breeding grounds, unearthing the most incredible talent from our neighbours. On and our social media, you’ll be treated to some stripped-back folk (Polish band LOR) and stylish pop (Morgane Imbeaud, Comme John), awkward electro (Kid Simius – the Spanish expat turned Berlin Kid, plus Irishman Daíthi) and modern rock (Belfour), which, as always, also makes for a colourful blend of genres, like Les Mamans du Congo’s traditional sounds to local lad Rrobin’s futuristic productions. And to top it all off, Europavox On Air will turn up the volume a notch, by giving you a chance to get to know all those who will spare no effort to cast the event in (volcanic) stone and make memories of a lifetime.


And then, it will already be time to think about the return to school, about this “after” that sings again, so much so that next autumn, Europavox will offer a nice surprise with a special edition that will bring together about ten European and local artists!

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