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Europavox Advent Calendar 2018

by Europavox.com
29 November 2018
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‘Tis the merry month of December ?
and oh what a month to remember,
With every joyful day that passes,
More great music for the masses!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves,
We’re the jolly Europavox elves, ?‍? ?‍?
We don’t bring candy or make toys,
We prefer to give out rock, pop and noise.

Every day we’ll bring you musical cheer,
Introducing you to the best of the year,
Gather your loved ones, your friends, your fam,
We’ll give you the gift of your new favorite jam.?

So throw the Yule log on the fire,
Turn the volume up even higher,
Grab a mug of cocoa and press play,
? Together we’ll wait for Santa’s sleigh! ?

Europavox Festivals

Hailing from Dublin, Fontaines D.C. encapsulate the energy, the poetry and the great music tradition of their city. They’re huge fans of The Pogues and Girl Band, but they’re also part of the new generation of guitar bands, along with Shame and Idles. Their recent show in Paris was a thrilling moment full of rage, wit and charisma. Recently signed to Partisan Records, they’re going to release their first album next spring – the most anticipated album of 2019 if you ask me!

– selected as best band of the year by Noémie Lecoq, our journalist from France

Based in
Ireland, Dublin
Intense Dublin rockers Fontaines D.C describe themselves as “a combination of pub talk and poetry.” They’re not wrong. Drawing on the finest of Irish storytelling traditions to deliver thoughtful, punchy diatribes the likes of Sleaford Mods would be proud of, ...

– selected as best band of the year by Pasco Pezzillo, our artistic Director From Italy

Based in
Germany, Hamburg
“It’s techno, but not like we know it.” The 11-man marching band from Hamburg, dressed in dapper, red jackets take on classic techno hits, turning them into brassband, party fiesta records. No DJ required. With a habit of impromptu, guerrilla street ...

– selected as best band of the year by Σtella, one of the bands from our Coaching Export Program!

Based in
France, Paris
Just like another French duo, The Blaze choose to be as anonymous as you can. However, while Daft Punk nowadays provide the soundtrack to glamorous lounges and dance floors, this pair possess a darker tone. It’s not just sonic, ...

“There are not so many artists that can combines sultry electronic music with eclectic hip-hop vibes. Vienna-based WANDL mixes these elements in a unique sound with a lot of dreamy and romantic influences. His music is like the meeting of James Blake with a bunch of new-school artists like Yung Lean or Corbin. On his debut album titled It’s All Good Tho, WANDL sounds like a soundtrack of a never-ending last day of summer. He’s also a true master of the one-man show where he builds an absolutely hypnotizing atmosphere. You won’t take your eyes and ears off him.”

– selected as best band of the year by Hubert, our journalist from Poland.

Based in
Austria, Vienna
Maybe it's because it simply fit the image of Vienna being a laid-back, high-standard-of-living, nothing-to-do metropolis that cloud rap became such a big phenomenon all over the region in 2015.

– selected as best band of the year by Victor, our artistic director from Lithuania.

Based in
Norway, Bergen
With his jolly persona, lyrics about juvenile relationships and a style more than reminiscent of the ‘80s film idol Ferris Bueller — both popular and beloved by just about everyone — 19-year-old Pablo Munoz sounds like the sort of pop star dreamt up by execs ...

“Though they can be easily compared to Mazzy Star’s shoegaze, this Estonian band takes a darker turn. They debuted this year with Slow Sundown, a wonderful showcase of their ability at mood and songcraft. Eliann Tulve’s voice gives the songs a narcotic languor, a moonlit tint that makes them sound like she’s constantly on the verge of drifting away. But there’s something appealing in this foggy atmosphere like a siren song: the echoing guitar layers wreathe the chilly arrangements, the core emphasis becomes a nexus point between 90s alt rock and dream pop, the vocals emerge like a devilishly angelic shadow; and they all come to life.”

– selected as best band of the year by Maro, our journalist from Greece.

Based in
Estonia, Tallinn
The Estonian five-piece band makes a virtue out of simplicity: fuzzy guitar workouts and lamenting folky compositions are often suffused in a detached languor that reminisces a ‘90s alternative pop-rock. And, just like their ...

My work as a music critic forces me to be up to date with all the novelties. When Noémie Lecoq wrote about him for the Europavox website in April, I played “Fête de Trop” and immediately my heart stopped — I fell for Eddy De Pretto. Cure is an album full of sad hymns that make you dance. This urban crooner takes the chanson francaise to the 21st century. Seeing him live at Clermont-Ferrand with a crazed audience did nothing but increase my fascination with Eddy. His vinyl is not only the best of the year, but is also one of the most played in my home.

– selected as best band of the year by Marcos, our journalist from Spain.

Based in
France, Créteil
Eddy De Pretto is a singular newcomer in French music. His first single, “Fête de Trop”, has become the new anthem for his generation. He played sold out shows long before his first album, Cure, was released in March 2018. He deservedly gets compared ...

“During Eurosonic 2018, I was utterly surprised when I saw the main stage suddenly conquered by a young twenty-something Belgian singer–songwriter called Angele. Who is she? Someone from the festival crew told me that she had just a couple of singles in the market and an album on the way. Everything fell into place a few months later with the excellent debut album _Brol_ that charted 1st in Belgium and 3rd in France. Angele Van Laeken hits the charts with an impressive crossover of classic French chanson and contemporary electronics. It won’t take long for her to become a big star all over Europe.”

– selected as best band of the year by Ilko, our journalist from Croatia

Based in
Belgium, Le Botanique (Brussels, Belgium)
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or so the saying goes. And for good reason…. Introducing Angèle! She’s the daughter of actress and comedian Laurence Bibot, and the singer Marka, former member of the legendary 80s group Allez Allez, who recently ...

– selected as best band of the year by Hannes, our artistic director from Austria.

Based in
Norway, Bergen
Born and raised in Ålesund, a small town on Norway's western coast, 20-year-old Sigrid grew up surrounded by the mountains and the sea. She was signed to the Norwegian indie label Petroleum at the age of 16 and recently landed a deal with Island Records in the ...

“IDLES are one of the best bands of 2018 because they’re not just the band we need, they’re the band we deserve. Furious, raw, uncompromising and clever as fuck.”

– selected as best band of the year by Daniel Sheppard, from Slovenia

Based in
United Kingdom, Bristol
Formed in Bristol, IDLES are the socio-political-rock rants of Joe Talbot, and his pantomime band of guitar warriors. Described by NME as leaders of “the positivity punk revolution”, IDLES are brash, loud, full of good humour, and at the same time, stark ...

“Shame, five classmates playing together, is one of the best bands of 2018 because their first record, Songs Of Praise, is powerful and revitalizes (post-)punk music. They were a surprise, coming from a scene –  Brighton, U.K. – currently very creative. Their punk-rock is electric, nervous and raw. Frontman Charlie Steen’s singing is often declamatory and the sound is direct, in search of authenticity. They are genuinely provocative and capable of shaking their listeners, dealing with sociopolitical arguments or with the insecurities that afflict each of us. They are young and brave. “No more questions“, to quote one of the songs in the tracklist, Concrete. Only praise for now.”

– selected as best band of the year by Elena Raugei, from Italy

Based in
United Kingdom, London
This is how it starts. Youth and anger have always been a heady combination, and London five-piece Shame are no exception. These brash post-punks wield their instruments like weapons and turn teenage angst into venomous, pointed lyrics that are mature beyond ...

“Listening to him he’s a Voice, and a fantastic guy who knows how to compose great hits ! Live : He’s just so generous with the audience and is an incredible entertainer.”

– selected as best band of the year by François Audigier, from France

Based in
Germany, Berlin
Berlin rapper Kelvyn Colt is part of a wave of hip hop artists from the African diaspora that have lit a fire beneath the German music scene - but classifying him as one thing or another, won’t help us get very far. Born in Germany, spending periods of his ...
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