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Europavox Coaching Export: THE GREAT 7

3 July 2018
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Europavox is launching the Coaching Export programme, the first of its kind to help develop the most exciting projects around right now. A selection committee had chosen 14 bands from 7 countries. Industry professionals, European music journalists as well as the audience have been able to discover them live during the EUROPAVOX Festival in Clermont-Ferrand (France) this weekend. The artists‘ professional entourage have been called before a jury that has evaluated the necessary capacity and motivation required for a career across the international market.

Based in
Italy, Torino

He's not even 20 years old, but his talent is a rare gem in the Italian music scene. Perhaps in part also due to moving abroad to Ireland. If nothing else, that's where he got his nickname from – ceol, pronounced "kiol", which means "music" in Gaelic.

Based in
France, Saintes

Whoever said that was rock was dead hasn’t heard Lysistrata, a young band from the West Coast. We’re not talking about California here, but about Charente-Maritime, a region on the West Coast of France where this three-piece band was created in 2013. To find ...

Based in
Greece, Athens

Over the course of two albums, Σtella has been focusing her vision and sharpening her electro-pop music's edges. Her almost jarringly confident second album Works For You (2017) continues in the same 80s synth path, creating an electronic rainbow of simple beats and clever guitar hooks and filled with breezy and vibrant pop colours.

Témé Tan
Based in
Belgium, Brussels

When Tanguy Haesevoets was studying in Andalusia, people had trouble pronouncing his first name, so they simply called him Tan. He kept this nickname for his music project and added another word, Témé – two syllables meaning ‘the hand’ and ‘the eye’ in ...

Tyger Lamb
Based in
Croatia, Zagreb

Imagine a group of young and curious time passengers who like to travel somewhere between middle and late 20th century and explore sounds of the past like vintage rock, blues, soul, psychedelic, surf and dub records. They came back home in the winter of 2016 and occupied an underground garage near Zagreb's train station to start the old fashion rock band Tyger Lamb.

Based in
Austria, Vienna

5K HD offers you never seen before resolution - enjoy the highest standard available with subtle nuances and more vivid sounds. 5K HD makes you rethink what you thought of the importance of a good band name. 5K HD - apart from being a technical standard for TVs - is actually the new moniker of Austrian band Kompost 3 and singer Mira Lu Kovacs.

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