La Femme - Trop de Peine

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La Femme - Trop de Peine

Through the voices of kids, La Femme releases ‘Trop de peine’ (Too much pain), first new track of the reissue of their album ‘Paradigmes’, to be released on October 15th. 

Against a backdrop of return to school and ultra-urgent awareness required about the climate disaster, ‘Trop de peine’ brings another alternative voice to raise awareness to the old and new generations about the negative impact we have on the planet. ‘Trop de peine’ is a hymn to the Earth.

“I’m so much in pain, where have the whales gone? I’m so much in pain, then I write a poem. I’m so much in pain, now when I swim it’s a mess. Therefore, I plant a seed, because I love life.”