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Play! Rock and football 🤘

29 May 2020
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George Best, one of the best football players of all time, would have turned 74 years old this week. :ballon_foot: In honour of his memory, we asked our colleagues from around Europe to send us their favourite football anthems, and the result is an all-star playlist from Queen and Oasis to Amanda Palmer and Pips, Chips & Videoclips. :alléluia: Press play and enjoy the match!

Thank you to Didier Veillault (Director at la Coopérative de Mai), Paul-Henri Wauters (Director at Botanique), Pierre Etienne Minonzio (Journalist at LÉquipe), Victor Diawara (Director at Loftas), JD Beauvallet (journalist, co-founder of Les Inrockptibles), Christophe Larcher (Journalist at France Football), Kem Lalot (artistic direction at Les Eurockéennes), Pasco Morvillo Falcone Pezzillo (artist, JoyCut), Ivana Jeleca and Zoran Marić (booker and director, INmusic Festival) for helping complete the lineup!

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