Repetitor - Kroz vetar

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Repetitor - Kroz vetar

The band who is leading the assault of new Balkan rock presents a new video for the song ‘Kroz vetar’ (Through the Wind)

The new video “Kroz vetar” was directed by Nikola Stojanović with the assistance of the director of photography Mladen Teofilović and the screenwriter Nadja Petrović. It was recorded at the Faculty of Biology, of the University of Belgrade, without which, as the band says, it would not have been possible.

“They met our every request, and let us shoot in classrooms with specimens of animals in formalin and various skeletons, even human, so the video is characterized by very interesting scenery, color and shots,” says Ana-Maria Cupin, group’s bassist, who sang and wrote the lyrics for this song.

See what it looks like when Repetitor returns to school!