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Top Italy

by Katia Giampaolo
12 January 2017
Giulia Mazza
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Based in
Italy, Ravenna

Emanuela Drei aka Giungla comes from the same little town as the queen of Italian pop Laura Pausini, but the only other thing they have in common is their charisma when they start to sing and perform. Not too pop, not too punk, Giungla is one of the girls that could really start a revolution in European music next year. She is simply herself, a wonderful Italian woman, nothing fake about her, but when she straps on her guitar, it's easy to understand why she chose a name that means "jungle" in English.

Based in
Italy, Torino

He's not even 20 years old, but his talent is a rare gem in the Italian music scene. Perhaps in part also due to moving abroad to Ireland. If nothing else, that's where he got his nickname from – ceol, pronounced "kiol", which means "music" in Gaelic.

Altre di B
Based in
Italy, Bologna

Altre di B are the perfect example of a tongue-in-cheek band in Italy. I've seen them countless times, opening for a lot of different artists, and their style always fit everywhere perfectly. It isn't easy talking objectively about a band you probably saw more ...

Yakamoto Kotzuga
Based in
Italy, Venice

For travellers and literature, Venice has always been the door to oriental magic. Maybe that's why Giacomo Mazzucato, a Venetian producer, musician and composer in his early twenties, chose his misleading Japanese moniker. But whatever the case, in a time when electronic music has never before been so alive in Italy, Yakamoto Kotzuga is hypnotising listeners with a musical world that draws on cinema and other arts.

Based in
Italy, Florence

It's not easy giving an honest review when you're a band's groupie. OK, I'm just joking – I'm not Birthh's groupie, but do think that had I had a band as a teenager, I would've definitely wanted to sound like her. Her voice hits you like something that you jealously keep to yourself, like the first time I heard Cat Power acoustic or The xx. And Alice Bisi, her real name, made it all at just 19 years of age. She seems so lost in the dark and tortured, but her voice guides us over fields we wouldn’t otherwise dare cross. Her first record Born in the Woods echoes some really big artists and a really amazing debut.

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