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All styles / Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland

To start celebrating women’s achievement, our female artists, journalists and team members picked tracks by female artists who inspire them for the ultimate Sisterhood playlist. ♀️ Let this be the soundtrack to forging a gender equal world! 

Camilla Sparksss – Switzerland

Laurie Anderson – From the air

“I chose this track from Laurie Anderson because lately I’m very interested in investigating simplicity in storytelling in music. In this sense Laurie Anderson is one of my biggest idols.”

Cheryl K Ang – Iceland

Amanda Tenfjord – Pressure

“Since performing at Iceland Airwaves in 2019, Amanda Tenfjord has been on my list of new Norwegian pop singer-songwriters to watch. Her honest songwriting shows what it means to be a young adult with all its challenges, with the feeling that she is – just like everyone else – trying to figure it out. There is immense breakout potential here and I’m excited to  see what Amanda does next.”

Eliza Nita – ControlClub –  Romania

Shygirl – Slime

“One of the most exciting and consistent artists to come out of London’s underground electronic scene is Shygirl. Avant-garde, deconstructed, post-industrial music extraordinaire, Blane Muise, with just two EPs and a few singles under her belt, caught the attention of experimental pop music producers Arca and Sophie, but also that of Rihanna, who used her music for her make-up and fashion shows. By pushing the limits of sound, fashion, and identity, Shygirl is what the future sounds like.”

Ivana Jelaca – InMusic – Croatia

Gurr – She Says

“Gurr’s ‘She Says’ is a perfect mixture of my favourite musical styles – indie garage meets surf pop, perfect for a summer chill session with oneself. Add to that lyrics that apply to some many inner thoughts so familiar and so private for so many women and you have a mini feminist anthem for contemporary times. A soft, warm, melancholic musical hug”

Katia Giampaolo – Estragon – Italy

Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA – Lo Vas A Olvidar

“It is good to see in 2021 the power of two female artists turning into a project that is so so touching. A song that can be listened over and over again. It is of course pop music but is it a very good way to let pop speaks profoundly and directly to the hearts.”

Ladaniva – France

Ninon – La marée du siècle

“Why Ninon? Her artistic universe is very rich, mixing French songs, hip-hop, classical music and other styles. The way she interprets those songs is very moving because there is no artefact, it is very raw, emotional. And on top of it all, she’s my sister.”

Mourn – Spain

Ilgen-Nur – Easy Way Out

“We met her in a festival in Berlin in 2018 when Carla asked her if she had any pads. Later on that year she came to see our show in Hamburg and danced till late. An amazing singer and human being.”

My Ugly Clementine – Austria

Andreya Casablanca – Talk About It

“Andreya Casablanca is one half of the German duo, Gurr’ that we all have been fans of for a while now. She has released her first solo song last year and it’s very different compared to her band, but as well very personal and self produced, exactly how we like it. We had a nice talk with her recently for our podcast ,peptalk’ and connected over a lot of topics like ,touring’, pressure’ and mental health’ and we love her for her personality and her realness. But that’s not just because we chose this song, it’s cause it’s a bop too.”

Nenny – Portugal

Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude

“I picked Christine and the Queens because of her self expression. I feel her pure voice wanting to scream deep some emotions and histories about her life. I really do love her way to dance and her inspired art by Michael Jackson.”

Rina Seegolam – France

Ladaniva – Kef Chilini

“Ladaniva’s singer Jacqueline Baghdasaryan has brought me some well-needed good vibes during this pandemic. She seems so full of positive energy and her smile is infectious – which makes it even more compelling when she sings about serious political issues. I love the mix of genres that makes up their music and the video for Kef Chilini is a solid remedy for gloomy days.”

Sofia Portanet – Germany

Christine and the Queens – People I’ve been sad

“I think she’s very powerful with what she does. Her artistic expression goes beyond the music, it’s an all round thing: the way she dances, the ideas she stands for and her visual expression really catch my attention. She makes people feel strong emotions and I really like that about her.”

Valeria Stoica – Moldova

Feist – Pleasure

“Feist is one of my old and all-time inspirations. I love her delicate way of putting feelings into music, while also keeping a strong hold of female dignity and power.”