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Electro / Autriche (Vienna / Salzburg)



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Portishead, James Blake, FKA Twigs, Jessie Ware


Electro Fusion-pop

" The woozy, bubblegum yin to James Blake’s yang "


‘SHADES I MYNTH’ is a magnificent pop record, with echoes of David Bowie, Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac. There are hidden messages of a mint-green palette behind every track on this record. Put together they tell the story of the band’s shading – sometimes finely nuanced, sometimes loud.

Within an extraordinarily harmonious colour and tone range, Mynth refined their electronic triphop roots and blended them with an impressively organic sound. While every song on ‘SHADES I MYNTH’ paints a different picture, Giovanna and Mario have succeeded in creating a concept album that is coherent throughout.

Parallels is an apt name for Austrian duo Mynth’s second album. For as well as being twins, there are plenty of yin-yang dichotomies to Giovanna and Mario Fartacek’s music; optimism and melancholy, the dark and the bright, the digital and the analogue. Their woozy, stuttering beats are overlain with poppy, airy melodies and vocals, letting a little more colour into their musical world than on previous effort Plaat ||. And, despite living in different cities, the twins concoct a heady, mesmerizing mix of electronica and dance music that’s both intimate yet expansive.

There’s a crystalline jumble of motifs at play here, but always used judiciously; nothing is allowed to overpower the song, or Giovanna’s piercing vocals. Trip hop is an obvious touchstone, but so is futuristic R&B and late-night downtempo dubstep. Most impressive of all is their range; from the cold, slick sheen of robo-pop to richer, more sumptuous textures, they causally switch modes as easily as a guitarist changes chord. That all this appears so effortless is testament to their production skills, but also the cohesion with which they build tracks; they sound like a proper band as opposed to studio whizz kids, a warm, human touch shining through in their work.

“I always like to lock you in my dreams”, Giovanna sings on ‘Smog’, a seductive slowjam painted in bubblegum colours. They may have been focused on their home country and the German market so far, but it won’t be long before Europe – and beyond – become equally enraptured with this delightful duo.