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Sensible Soccers

Rock / Portugal (Fornelo)
Sensible Soccers



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Post-rock, Chillwave

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Sensible Soccers are a band that is named after an Amiga game from the 90s. They reside in the north of Portugal, in two different towns, and halfway between them there is a rural village, Fornelo, where they tend to their sound far from all the noise, traffic and bustle of the cities.

Sensible Soccers formed in 2010 and they put out their first self-titled EP the next year. By the time their first LP, 8, was released in 2014 they firmed their place as darlings of critics and audiences alike, all who were entranced by the nature of their material and live performances.

Each composition penned by Sensible Soccers has its weight, having no problem in going well beyond the four-minute mark and becoming a progressive mellow trip. If the first projects went for the post-rock chillwave trend, then their latest, Vila Soledade, takes that exploration further, incorporating funky basslines, African rhythms or krautrock influences in a seamless manner.

During the band’s production process, there seems to be a step in which the instruments from the songs go through a time-machine, making them sound timeless and turning them into part of a hazy dream. A hazy dream in which everything sounds better with synths and all reverbs are welcome. No irony, no sarcasm, just a deep dive into the sound with permission to let it wash you away.