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Electro, Pop / Belgique (Brussels)



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Hot Chip, OMD, Jamie Lidell


Organic electro on the dance floor

" Sort of Soulwax for the internet age "

Formed in 2013, Ulysse are a trio made up of Arnaud Duynstee, Benoît Do Qang and Julien Gathy. After enlisting touring drummer Martin Grégoire last September, the group finally feel like a proper band. They’re a sort of Soulwax for the internet age, an electro outfit who have acquired a much more organic sound than those from the laptop and playlist generation. Since Grégoire nestled in on the action, the Brussels-based group’s digital sound has taken on three-dimensional element thanks to their machines and laptops. With three EPs to their name, their panoramic style conjures up The Cure’s “A Forest”, catchy electro-pop like Human League or OMD, or on-trend dance floor fillers like Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard (Control) and even Jamie Lidell.

That’s to say, Ulysse’s range travels far and wide, with oriental influences in Cashmere Guns, to a Mediterranean vibe in their latest single Mañana, where the video was shot in Barcelona. Their large musical palette takes on a hint of hip-hop in Acid, which features vocals and lyrics from rapper Romeo Elvis, creating an irresistible melody that’s rather striking.
These self-taught children of the YouTube generation have basically created their own universe. Although they don’t shy away from their influences, it hasn’t stopped them from cobbling together their own identity in a DIY-style.