James Hendicott

James Hendicott

Ireland (Dublin)
“ Came to rep Ireland, stayed to soak up the enthralling strength of European music culture. ”
Hi! I’m a freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland, and obsessed with music and it’s impact across our culture. I like when a track speaks to you: takes you somewhere, makes you think about your politics, or sweeps you off your feet. At Europavox, I edit the English language content and also contribute articles, mostly on the fantastic Irish indie and hip-hop scenes. One of the best things about being here is how much international music I uncover - Molchat Doma, from Belarus, are my new favourite. Outside of music, I’m into niche football (#againstmodernfootball), the most exotic travel I can manage, and hanging out with my kid. I once got drunk in North Korea, and stripped to my underwear atop a Nepalese mountain.







Freelance journalist