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" Smooth, sophisticated, sultry electro-pop for clubbers, people coming home from clubbing, and people who probably always wanted to go to clubs "

Influenced by indie-pop producers like Sia and crooner Ry X, Berlin-based producer Monolink has inherited the smooth, gentile touch of such luminaries, while combining them with the post-minimal, electronic club sounds of the German capital. The producer, otherwise known as Steffen Linck, has both a background in DJing and production, as well as a sturdy understanding of guitar plucking, and soft, warming vocals. All of these aspects helped create his 2018 debut LP Amniotic, along with shows at such high-profile events as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and Burning Man. In fact, checking his event listing, and you’ll see that Linck seems to be taking on the US circuit, and winning.

Always well-dressed, and extremely dapper, his modern approach to style and songwriting has won him kudos and appraisal from fans across the board. At live shows you can either see him bobbing beneath his Pharrel-sized hat, singing into the mic, playing guitar, and controlling the electronics, or playing with his band, churning out his produced songs in all their glory. His versatility, talent, and songwriting finesse have made him the man and success he is today. We can only wait to see what comes next.