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Samuel O’Kane

Electro, Hip-hop / Spain (Tarragona)
Samuel O’Kane




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Drake, D'Angelo

Free style

Dark and erotic R&B

" Sex, sadness and inspiration for dark R&B lovers. "

A Spanish R&B artist with international appeal, Samuel O’Kane was born in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Tarragona. Since his birth, his musical education was based in black music and influenced by new trends, assimilating various genres and shaping a new style. With independent thought and devoted artistic ambition, he decided to provide new impetus to the national scene, showing it the dark, explicit and erotic side of the genre.

Enveloping, atmospheric and oppressive sounds leave the more rancid stereotypes of the R&B genre by the wayside. Recognized in Spain and Latin America as the new R&B guru, Samuel is an artist who takes care of not only his texts and his music, but also his image. His music videos are authentic works of art, far from the simplicity of a genre that is usually rather limited in that area.

He has collaborated with some of the most important musicians in his field, such as Tote King, Nach, Xcese, Costa and Daddy Yankee. Samuel is convinced that his talent will lead to greatness and his new album is proof that ambition is rewarded. The world is yours, Samuel. Keep calm.