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Pop, Rock / Luxembourg (Dudelange)




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Freedom Candlemaker, Inhaler, The 1975

Free style

Alternative rock, indie electro

" An exuberant mix of arty sophistication and pop hooks "

Luxembourg-based TUYS experiment with their sound, embracing a hooky dance-rock and a genre-bending pop aesthetic, with driving synths and distorted bass lines. Originally, the band’s members formed the band at the age of 10. Five years later, in 2012, they released their first single and soon began building their fanbase through their engaging performances at festivals like Sonic Visions, Out Of The Crowd and Rock-A-Field. In 2018, the band’s eight-track debut album, Swimming Youth, explored their tendencies towards a combination of catchy indie and alt rock with a progressive edge and a psychedelic twist.

Their new album, A Curtain Call for Dreamers, takes the band in a more experimental direction, in which they’ve by and large shift in a more digital approach, winking at futurism and surrealism both musically and lyrically, while also wallowing in warped dreams and painting odd cinematic soundscapes; Then I turned into a vegetable/As a fruit You look so fcool from down here”, they sing in ‘Papaya’, while in ‘Saturday Night’ the smooth vocals underline the dreamy lyrics:Green room vibes/Ready to die/Wonder Woman telling me you’ll be fine”. This shift opens up more possibilities for the band in terms of dynamics, melodic contours and arrangements and, although they’re still very young, TUYS very admirably manage to deliver a truly modern whirlwind.