(c) Chiara Gambuto
Bee Bee Sea

Bee Bee Sea

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(c) Chiara Gambuto

Sun drenched nuevo garage with gleeful psych(osis)


3 May 2020


The colorful brain-frying saga of Bee Bee Sea began in 2013, in the small city of Castel Goffredo, Northern Italy, where Damiano Negrisoli (guitar, vocals), Giacomo Parisio (bass, vocals) and Andrea Onofrio (drums, vocals) conjured up a fiendish blend of greasy 60s garage rock and psychedelic madness. Their music celebrated The Cramp’s psychobilly legacy, reminisced on the garage-punk hooliganism of Black Lips and echoed the pummeling rock & roll of King Gizzard and The Lizard Gizzard’s debut ‘12 Bar Bruise’.

In 2015, the band released their self-titled debut album via Glory Records, the band’s own label. Fast forward to 2017, where they recorded their most recent full-length,’ Sonic Boomerang’, and you’ll find a frenetically exciting album with a loose attitude that draws in the listener. The band had earnt an extensive tour of the  US and Europe. Quite fittingly, the album’s track ‘The Garage One’ was featured on Showtime TV series Shameless.

Bee Bee Sea’s songs come across like flickering scenes from a wild teenage party (‘Stoned by Your Love’) in the absence of parents, one where restraints are tossed out the window and nothing makes sense (‘Lou Weird’) but it’s fun, so that’s fine (“Who is the doggy? Who is doggy?” they repeat in ‘The Dog is The King of the Losers’).

In 2019 they released their latest single, ‘Be Bop Palooza’, while their new album is due for release sometime towards the end of 2020. At first glance, Italy seems a weird place to breed a garage-flavored punk rock band with a messed-up undertow and the mischievous impact of a scamp kid with a bag full of firecrackers, but in this case it worked.

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