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Electro, Pop / Italy (Florence)




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Canova, Lykke Li, Phoenix

Free style

Soulful alt-electronica

" The old and the new of Florence’s vibrant underground scene "

In little over a year, Italian band Handlogic have morphed from a mere idea, shared by three young Florentines, to a fully fledged group on the cusp of genuine success. Their journey has been short in time but long in scope; as a trio, they started re-working material left over from Lorenzo Pellegrini’s previous project and writing new songs, everything arranged digitally, working strictly with a computer. Their debut EP was soon committed to tape, but it was the additions of a new live rhythm section – Daniele and Alessandro Cianferoni – that really saw the band take flight and start turning heads.

The ethos is simple; their name represents a dichotomy of the intellectual, “cold” side of composing and writing, and the warm, fallible, and human touch that turns those ideas into music. And it works; crisp beats and precise, R&B-tinged pop combine deliciously with dreamy melodies and warm, hazy vocals to form a beguiling mix. Acclaim has naturally followed, as has competition wins (Controradio’s Rock Contest) and a dedicated following in Florence’s underground music scene.

Nationwide recognition is next on the agenda, as is further polishing their live show and debut album before an assault on Europe at some stage in 2018. “Our main musical influences and interests all come from abroad,” they say, and whilst shaped by their diverse, local scene, they craft music to be heard far and wide. Their rise thus far might have been meteoric, but for Handlogic, it’s merely the beginning.