Smart speakers set to hit a new high

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Smart speakers set to hit a new high

35.6 million Americans will use a voice-enabled speaker at least once a month in 2017 according to a report published by research firm eMarketer . The report found an increase of 128.9% year on year rise in the use of such technology, albeit focused purely on the US.

The potential of smart speakers like Amazon Echo has allowed consumers to find new ways to discover and listen to music.

News of rising use in smart speakers will also ask what the future holds for the European market.

Google Home (plus Google Assistant tool); Sonos focusing on voice control, and rumours Apple, Microsoft, and Spotify are getting ready to enter the market show a strong future for smart speakers.

Music Ally reports; “This year, 60.5 million Americans will use their Siri, Cortana, or other virtual assistant at least once a month,” claimed the research firm. “That equates to more than one-quarter (27.5%) of smartphone users, or nearly one in five Americans.”

Amazon has been developing new discovery tools for music with Alexa and the Echo devices recently also.