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Watch Flèche Love’s amazing new video

by Thomas Burgel
23 June 2017
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The French electro genius Rone is no newcomer, and neither is Flèche Love -you may have read about her on this website, and you probably already heard Amina Cadelli’s captivating voice on Kadebostany’s music, or on a famous version of their ‘Castle in the Snow’ by The Avener.

Both have chosen to join forces on a new song, called ‘Umusuna’ -a powerful, evocative, cinematic track, sung with an incredible strength by a woman who’s now more than a promise: the Swiss artist is already shining hard.

“Some think I’m a northern star, a brand new one no one has ever discovered”, she sings. that’s untrue, and the whole universe should soon be at her knees.

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