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A Tale of Golden Keys

Rock / Germany (Nuremburg)
A Tale of Golden Keys




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Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Stephen Malkmus

Free style

Melancholic, soft-pop

" Sombre, guitar music for solemn autumn days "


With a touch of Death Cab for Cutie about them, Nuremberg’s softly-spoken, folk rock trio are gaining a strong reputation for their finely composed, melancholic melodies and light vocals. Their latest album Shrimp (for which the sleeve is a picture of a pigeon) has been one of Germany’s most popular indie-rock LPs of 2018. The poignant timbre, wavy rock and near emo pop, with the crescendos of almost something heavier, highlight the threesome’s great musicianship. Written in one of their grandmother’s basements in ten days, the LP features great song such as “Punk rock hit” (which isn’t punk rock), and the single “Restless”, a stoic, organ-led sombre ballad.

German indie rock and power ballads shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the scene has been brewing up for sometime now. Along with the likes of Kettcar, Tomte and Cologne’s AnnenMayKantereit, there’s been a whole swathe of downer-rock, and angst indie, all in the age old guitar, and piano style that have epitomised the down-and-outs for some time.

The band’s debut album Everything Went Down As Planned (which has a dinosaur on the cover) racked up over a million plays on Spotify back in 2015. It set a marker for their current success. The soft-spoken trio has been raking up gigs throughout Europe. With a touch of irony, and meticulous craft to their work, the South-German rock-pop trio is becoming accosted to radio airtime and festival stages alike, and are worth checking out to see them in all their seriousness — and to find out when a shrimp is actually a pigeon.